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Inspiration : A life in instragram pictures. – Lucas Otero


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My Coolest gifts..

I’m writing this quick blogpost in between my studying. I’ve received some cool gifts for christmas, so cool that I want to share it ! Here’s my top 3..

#1 Lego Storage head :

It’s a big lego-head to store your things in.. It’s not only practical, it looks great too 🙂

#2 Where’s Waldo Mini Box Set :

Everyone who is born in the 80’s knows ‘Where’s Waldo’ !! As a kid I had the big versions of the books, I’ve spent hours looking for Waldo.. This Christmas I got the Mini Box Set, with a little magnifying glass !!!!

And last but not least !

#3 The Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty Design

Obviously, it’s a wallet, or not.. It looks like a New-York Subway Map, but it’s a wallet alright ! I think it’s a great solution for pickpocketing, who in the world would steal a subway map :). The wallet comes in other cool designs too, just click on the picture to go to the website !

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A Magazine Is Born – the making of Little White Lies

This is just stunning !

‘We wanted to make a short film that captured some of the love, care and hand-crafted passion that goes into the making of an issue of LWLies. We produce six issues each year, and for the two month period that we’re working on a particular issue, we totally immerse ourselves in the movie and in the production process. While we obviously embrace digital in all forms, first and foremost we’re makers of honest, tangible and fine-smelling objects, and we hope that comes across in some way here.’

Source : Nalden

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Typography #2 : Calligraffiti by Niels Shoe Meulman

A month ago I bought a very nice book : Calligraffiti. I didn’t post about this yet until today when I saw Kayne West tweet about it on twitter, so this is the perfect moment to introduce you guys to Calligraffiti.

Calligraffiti is a book with the artwork from Niels Shoe Meulman. It’s a crossover between Calligraphy and Graffiti. The artwork is very nice, some typographic masterpieces. So If you have the change to buy this book, you should definitely do it ! Check out the website :

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Typography #1 : Jessica Hische – Typographic work

You have to check this great typographic works out by Jessica Hische ! Really Great work.

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Inspiration #4

And I’m back… Here’s a nice poster I found a while ago it’s about graphic designers, aannd “it’s funny cuz’ it’s true’ haha. Check it out :

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