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Update #Ilostthecount

Yes yes, the new year 2011 has started. So happy new year to all the people out there.

A new year, some new resolutions. I will try to keep this blog alive by making at least 1 post a week, some sort of weekly update. And what would a real resolution be, if we didn’t stick to it.. So I skipped the first week and jumped right into week #2. So my next post will be the weekly update from this week !

Shout out to all my friend & family, followers etc etc !


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It’s been some time… I’m sorry, I had a very busy time @ school, working for my final project.. I’ll post some parts of it later on. I will also announce some future projects and update this blog more often, since I have some spare time now. So keep your eyes & ears open !


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To Design…

A friend forwarded this image to me, it made me laugh, so I’ll share this one with you !

Special thanks to Jonas for this..

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Check out ! It’s a new company that aims to revolutionize how people pay and get paid for content on the internet. Come, join and show the world that good content is worth some coins out of your pocket.

Looks very interesting, I did sign up in the hope to get paid one day for my content :).


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First post :)

Hello world,

this is my first post on my new blog. I wanted to create a blog to gather all my accounts into 1. I also needed a place to ‘dump’ all the interesting site’s, designs, music I stumbled upon. I will try to keep this blog updated, so come and visit every once in a while.

I hope you enjoy(ed) your visit !!!



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