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Benenwerk 2012 – Gilles Peterson & Lefto Recap


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Lock, Stock…

In need of a good movie, I was browsing the internet to find movies equal to the masterpiece ‘Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels’. For the movie addicts this movie is very known, for me it’s one the best movies ever made ! I love the work of Guy Ritchie. But to come to the point, as I was browsing I found out they’ve made a TV Series of Lock, Stock.. As a fan of the movie, I’ve never came across the tv series so I guess a lot of people don’t know this. So if you’re a fan of the movie I suggest you take a look at the tv series too, it’s the same style like the movie with 7 different episodes, each with another story ..

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Summer TV Shows

Yes summer in Belgium ūüôā = A lot of rainy days and a lot of time on our hands. So here’s my Top 3 Tv Shows to watch this summer :

#1 Breaking Bad (Season 4):

Season 4 aired yesterday ! This is one of the best, if not the best tv show ever made ! Breaking bad tells the story of a science teacher who breaks bad and becomes a meth-cook/dealer. After 3 seasons it still doesn’t disappoint so this is definitely worth a watch !

#2 Game of Thrones (Season 1):

Another very strong series by HBO. Game of ¬†Thrones is a medieval fantasy¬†television series¬†based on author George R. R. Martin’s best-selling A Song of Ice and Fire¬†series. Season one aired on¬†April 17, 2011 and is now finished, I already watched it and this tv Show is stunning ! Normally I’m not so into medieval sci-fi but here it didn’t bother me because the story line is so powerful and the images are so beautiful.

#3 Weeds (Season 7):

The new season of Weeds looks promising, the first 3 episodes already aired and it seems weeds is back on track after a couple disappointing seasons. They couldn’t quite reach the level of the first 3 seasons but the new season seems to be promising, so I hope they can keep up with it !

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Privacy Matters

Do you feel free ?

This is a dutch documentary about our privacy. We are People, the separation between private and public is a right of our democracy. As citizens we are giving away our rights. Without being able to ask questions about the method. About how information is being used, or who can access it.

Use your democratic voice to remain critical towards your government ! Take action, Ask questions and Stay aware !

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Protest spreads in the Middle East – The Big Picture

Protest spreads in the Middle East – The Big Picture –

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The Egypt Protests

The Egypt Protests TotallyCoolPix.

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Week #2, Weekly Update

My first weekly update ! Although it is called week#2 (yes you guessed it right, because we are already week 2 of the year 2011). I will try to structure my weekly posts as a sort of summary of things that I did/watched/made and things inspired me etc. I will only mention the things I like to share and are worth watching ! You will get what I mean..

Week #2 :

I did : A lot of studying, my exams are this month, so it’s a pretty boring month for me. Also some artwork that I will post later on.

Tv Shows : THE SHIELD, De Allerslimste Mens, Basta

Movies : RED, The Town, Despicable Me, Buried, The Salton Sea..

Music : A lot of hip hop, Guilty Simpson, J Dilla, Atmosphere, Freeway, Jake One, Nas, Masta Ace, etc.

Quote : “Sometimes you see the world so clearly… and you know just what to do, and just when to do it. Just what you should’ve done, and when you should’ve done it.” – Salton Sea

Things that I liked : This stunning Timelapse from New York :

This facebook info graphic :

Events : Nope, study-month

And That’s about it, I hope you enjoyed my first weekly post, more to come !


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