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I support #wikipediablackout !


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Damn, already a new year. I’ve been ignoring this blog a bit, and as always I’ll try to keep this updated a lot more… Anyways.. Thanks to al the visitors of this blog, and the few followers :). Have a good new year !

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Designed to Fail – Planned Obsolescence

Fuck planned obsolescence ! Products should be built to last. If I pay 500 or 600 bucks for a product I assume it will last more than a year. Here’s a nice documentary about Planned Obsolescence

*UPDATE : The link to watch the documentary seems to be offline. Download the documentary here

Also watch this video from the Neistat Brothers about ipod batteries.

Had my fair share in planned obsolescence, this is now my 5th Macbook Pro charger in 3 years and warranty was never possible…
To end with a Quote : “The World is big enough to satisfy everyones needs, but will always be too small to satisfy everyones greed.” – Ghandi


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Polaroid 600

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‎”Stay hungry, stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has died at age 56. He will be missed !

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Here we go again…

Hmmm haven’t updated this blog for a while, time to get rid of  the radio silence and off we go with new updates ! New school year has started so we have some new energy and time to spend online 😉

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Lock, Stock…

In need of a good movie, I was browsing the internet to find movies equal to the masterpiece ‘Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels’. For the movie addicts this movie is very known, for me it’s one the best movies ever made ! I love the work of Guy Ritchie. But to come to the point, as I was browsing I found out they’ve made a TV Series of Lock, Stock.. As a fan of the movie, I’ve never came across the tv series so I guess a lot of people don’t know this. So if you’re a fan of the movie I suggest you take a look at the tv series too, it’s the same style like the movie with 7 different episodes, each with another story ..

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