My Coolest gifts..

I’m writing this quick blogpost in between my studying. I’ve received some cool gifts for christmas, so cool that I want to share it ! Here’s my top 3..

#1 Lego Storage head :

It’s a big lego-head to store your things in.. It’s not only practical, it looks great too 🙂

#2 Where’s Waldo Mini Box Set :

Everyone who is born in the 80’s knows ‘Where’s Waldo’ !! As a kid I had the big versions of the books, I’ve spent hours looking for Waldo.. This Christmas I got the Mini Box Set, with a little magnifying glass !!!!

And last but not least !

#3 The Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty Design

Obviously, it’s a wallet, or not.. It looks like a New-York Subway Map, but it’s a wallet alright ! I think it’s a great solution for pickpocketing, who in the world would steal a subway map :). The wallet comes in other cool designs too, just click on the picture to go to the website !


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