Summer TV Shows

Yes summer in Belgium ūüôā = A lot of rainy days and a lot of time on our hands. So here’s my Top 3 Tv Shows to watch this summer :

#1 Breaking Bad (Season 4):

Season 4 aired yesterday ! This is one of the best, if not the best tv show ever made ! Breaking bad tells the story of a science teacher who breaks bad and becomes a meth-cook/dealer. After 3 seasons it still doesn’t disappoint so this is definitely worth a watch !

#2 Game of Thrones (Season 1):

Another very strong series by HBO. Game of ¬†Thrones is a medieval fantasy¬†television series¬†based on author George R. R. Martin’s best-selling A Song of Ice and Fire¬†series. Season one aired on¬†April 17, 2011 and is now finished, I already watched it and this tv Show is stunning ! Normally I’m not so into medieval sci-fi but here it didn’t bother me because the story line is so powerful and the images are so beautiful.

#3 Weeds (Season 7):

The new season of Weeds looks promising, the first 3 episodes already aired and it seems weeds is back on track after a couple disappointing seasons. They couldn’t quite reach the level of the first 3 seasons but the new season seems to be promising, so I hope they can keep up with it !


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  1. Farmber

    I am glad I read this post – now I know what to do. Great post.

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