Week #5-6 Weekly Update

Week #5-6:

Some busy weeks, a lot of pictures have been taken and many more to come ! Last friday I went to see Dj Grazzhoppa’s dj bigband and it was very nice. It was, I believe, the 3th time I saw the Bigband, and they never cease to amaze me ! Saturday I went to Skanka and Weeding Dub and I didn’t expect that techno dub was so good. Probably thanks to the funktion one soundsystem because I could feel the bass everywhere ! (Pictures I took from Skanka will follow and the pictures of Dj Grazzhoppa’s dj Bigband are to be found in my previous post) Little Video from friday :

Tv Shows : The Last episode of ‘BASTA’, although the first 2 episodes were very promising, the rest of the series couldn’t quite keep up with them.

Movies : Al lot of movies this two weeks : Zebra Crossing, Young People Fucking, 127 Hours, Hot Tub Time Machine, Open Season 2, Despicable me, …

Quote of the week : ‘I like photo’s because they never change, even if the people in them do.’

Music :

Things to check out this week :

Events Coming up this week : Criticalz and Wasted !


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