Week #4, Weekly Update

Week #4 :

This week : Had my exam of Cultural Antrhopology this week, will be flip coin, aand I received My vinyl and clothest that I ordered on http://www.hhv.de , so that’s nice :).

Tv Shows : The Final Allerslimste Mens :(, Pappenheimers, BASTA !, The Shield and euhm.. Gossip Girl

Movies : /

Music :

Quote of the Week : /

To do list : Finish my exams, almost done !!! Finish some artwork and work on my portfolio..

Events : The plan was to go to ‘Stealth Bombers’ with Camo & Krooked at Entrepot, Bruges, but I wisely decided to stay home and study, bummer I will miss this, but my exams are almost over and then it’s Party Hardy !

Website(s) of the Week : http://www.shouldiworkforfree.com/ and http://lab.andre-michelle.com/ – My roomie gave this site to me, it’s a very nice site to spend your time on, it consists of a series flash programs to produce music or visuals, ch – check it out !


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